Claim Calculator

Types of Injuries & Possible Claim Amounts

This list below shows some examples of possible claim amounts.  The amount is dependant of the severity of the injury

Head Injuries

Minor Head Injury £1,000 Severe brain Damage £250,000 This includes dental injury, loss or damage to sight or hearing, facial disfigurement and post traumatic stress disorder

Neck and Back Injuries

Minor Whiplash £800
Quadriplegia £250,000

Chest Injuries

Broken ribs £2,500
Severe heart or lung damage £100,000
Includes Asbestosis

Shoulder Injuries

£3,000 to £30,000

Arm Injuries

Minor Fracture £4,000
Loss on function £85,000
Loss of arm or part of arm £50,000 to £90,000

Hand Injuries

From £1,000 to £75,000

Hip Injuries

From £8,000 to £80,000

Leg Injuries

Minor Fracture £9,000
Loss of function £90,000
Loss of leg or part of leg £60,000 to £95,000

Ankle Injuries

£9,000 to £45,000

Foot Injuries

£9,000 to £75,000


*Please note that these amounts are for reference only.  Please contact our claim advisers for more information on your specific claim.